Not all brokers are the same. There are some who exploit the beginning player`s initial lack of information and might cause him to unfairly lose his money. Here we`re going to present you with a list of 100% safe and verified broker websites, where you can be sure that you`re trading on equal terms and getting the best out of your investment.


Broker Min. Deposit Min. Trade Size In The Money Review
$250 $5 Up To 85%
24option-logo $250 $24 Up To 89%
anyoption-logo $200 $25 Up to 80%
Banc_de_binary-logo $250 $1 Up To 85%

$250 $25 Up To 89%
$200 $25 Up To 89%
$250 $25 Up To 75%


Who we are

At OptionTrade, we provide advanced binary options services to clients from around the world and offer a cutting-edge trading environment that focuses on improving traders’ skills and, as a result, their profitability.

The facts:

- Established in 2013 as a registered brand of HF Markets (Europe) Ltd under CySEC license 183/12.

- Powered by HotForex, a World Finance Top 100 FX broker.

- Client money is secured in segregated accounts at global investment-grade banks.

- OptionTrade offers an unparalleled trading experience featuring a state-of-the-art platform and a choice of Classic, Long-term, One Touch, 60 Seconds and Pairs Options.

Trade more than 200 assets across 20 markets.

The OptionTrade Support Team is available around the clock 24/5.

The myOptionTrade client area has been built to deliver exactly what binary options traders need.

Our Aim

To become the world’s leading provider of Binary Options and related services by utilizing the latest technology and offering the most competitive payouts in the industry.

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Is 24option a scam?

To put it simply, no 24option is not a scam. In reality, it is one of the top binary options trading platforms. Real Market Price = No Fees or commissions. Trade on financial markets with actual financial data. Why trade at other platforms that give you misleading versions of the market movements? At 24option, we use a direct feed from Morningstar to power our system so you can be certain that the data on our platform reflects the real price.

What are the 24option trading limits?

Higher limits = higher return

24option gives its traders the industry’s top limits of $50,000 per trade so you can get maximum return in minimal amounts of time. Trade on all your preferred options and assets with an investment limit that boosts your return potential.

The highest limits are only one of the perks of using 24option. You can make up to 89% on every single trade with 24option. Simply choose your preferred asset and the direction you think the market price will go to, simple as that – you’re on the way to earning 89%!

Is trading time with 24option limited?

Trade anytime, anywhere!

24option enables you to trade wherever you may be: work, home, or any other place with internet connection. Wherever you are – 24option is there. Earn up to 89% or trade 60 seconds on your handheld device.

Does 24option give me the necessary tools for trading?

Watch & Win with 24option! Watch tons of videos in the binary options industry’s top cinematic catalogue! Investment tips, portfolio management, and a tour of the 24option platform, it`s all there! Register now to get access and start building the knowledge for better trading.

Going through the vast number of binary options platforms can be difficult, but with 24option it is a breeze! 24option is the industry’s leading binary options platform, presenting its traders the both the necessary tools and strategies that they need to succeed. Anything from a wide selection of tradable options to the most profitable assets in the market, 24option is your center for binary options trading.

24option has built a platform made to educate its traders, enabling them to trade more effectively and confidently. Whether you use the High/Low option or 24option’s new 60 second options, you can get a fantastic return on your investment in no time.

Is binary options trading at 24option reliable?

Why are binary options so lucrative? Binary options are lucrative because you aren’t actually buying the asset; you are simply investing in your forecast about the asset’s market price behavior. You can invest as much or as little as you wish, you have total control over the amount of risk. Binary options are also liked because the prospective return is known prior to the investment, so there are no hidden surprises.

24option’s limits of $50k per trade mean that as a trader, you can make more in short periods of time. 24option offers you the amazing opportunity to trade and the freedom to earn with its platform. With up to 89% on every trade you can start making money with your very first trade. 24option’s broad specter of assets means that you can trade with any asset that you`re familiar with, using your edge knowledge to profit.

24option’s top notch trading platform ensures that when you trade you are trading with the latest technology on the internet so that every price quoted, every trade made and every return earned are using the most secure platform on the web. With real-time market information, you can be sure that your asset’s market price is totally accurate and real. While other platforms might try to hide the market price, 24option utilizes real-time data to deliver a 100% transparency to your trading.

Does 24option provide me with good asset selection?

A plethora of assets is available for you at 24option. 24option has chosen on the most volatile and profitable assets so that you can be sure that you can profit. Whether you want to invest in Apple or Google, NASDAQ or oil, you can find the asset you want at 24option. You can trade with currency, commodities, stocks and indices.

Can I really make profit from 24option?

While other platforms might try to impress you with high payouts and low limits, only 24option gives you the option to truly profit from binary options. The advanced platform combined with the high limits and returns, give you the best conditions to succeed in the binary options world.

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Anyoption™ is the world's first, most professional and most reliable binary option trading platform with hundreds of thousands of loyal users from around the globe. Anyoption’s website and mobile application offer exciting ways to make big, fast profits. It is fully localized in several languages such as German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Turkish, Russian and Chinese), with a team of professionals providing 24/7 support and guidance.

Anyoption™ is an advanced trading platform for binary options and other innovative derivatives, allowing customers to trade and profit from fluctuations in financial markets, whether positive or negative.

Traders can earn huge profits within minutes, with a simple click of a button.

Trading with Anyoption is quick and easy to master. No experience is needed, the products are suitable for professional traders and beginners alike.

Anyoption offers options on hundreds of underlying assets from leading stock exchanges around the globe - stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs, with a wide range of expiry points.

Stock options vary from stocks of leading global companies such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, to local stock exchanges, allowing people to trade options on theirs preferred companies’ stocks, such as Gazprom, Allianz, Juventus and Renault.

Trading is available even when markets are closed, and profits can be as high as 380% per trade!

Creating an account is fast, simple & free, and allows the user to start trading immediately.

Fully EU regulated

Anyoption, the leader in the binary options industry since its inception in 2008, is the only brand in the world that operates on its own platform. Since today, anyoption is unique in the fact that both platform and brand are fully licensed in the highest category possible for financial services.

The advantages of trading binary options with Anyoption

The simplicity of binary option trading with Anyoption offers plenty of advantages, such as:

Profitability and fixed payouts - When trading binary options, profits and losses are not linked to the difference in price, only to the change in direction. If your assumption was correct, you will receive 65-71% profit, regardless of how little the underlying asset moved in your favor.

Simplicity - since all you have to do is predict the direction of the asset price change, you don’t have to be an expert on that certain asset and its potential future changes in price. Once you buy your option, there is no need to further plan or monitor your option, as the expiry date is fixed and known to you in advance.

Low entry cost - You don’t need a huge capital to begin trading. The investment amount depends on you and can be as little as $25. That also means that if you want to invest bigger sums, you may do so on different assets at the same time if you choose to.

24/7 trading - using Anyoption™’s platform allows you to trade on international markets whenever they are open, regardless of where you live, from the comfort of your home. We offer hundreds of underlying assets to choose from, including stocks, commodities, currency pairs, and indices.

Flexibility on expiration periods - binary option expiration periods range from an hour to a month, you choose according to your preferences.

There are no spreads and no commissions on your trades.

Accessibility - you are buying the contract, not the asset itself, which opens up trading that might not be available to you otherwise.

Controlled risk - the binary nature of options ensures you will know how much you risk losing from an option. If the option expires out of the money, you will invariably get 15% of your investment back.

Payment methods

Anyoption™ offers quick and reliable payment methods. The trader can deposit and withdraw using credit cards, bank wire transfers and several domestic methods. Deposits & withdraw requests are handled quickly and securely by our professional finance team.

Special derivatives of Anyoption

Anyoption offers additional interesting, profitable derivatives on top of binary options: option+ one touch options and Binary 0-100 (speed-trading).

Anyoption offers additional interesting, profitable derivatives on top of binary options: option+ one touch options and Binary 0-100 (speed-trading).

Option+ is a unique and clever trading tool that allows you to sell back options to anyoption at any time, even seconds after purchasing it. You don’t have to wait for the original expiry time. This means that if the option is in the money, you can take this profit without waiting and without risking it, and that if the option is out-of-the-money, you can sell it back without losing most of your investment.

Binary 0-100 (speed trading): This Product gives the customer the option to buy and sell at any time with very high returns up to 1,000%, this also means more achievable potential returns of 125% or 375% and so on. This products beats 60-second trading and 30-second trading easily and offers the trader a Real-Time options trading experience. One Touch: Trading on Anyoption™ is available 24/7, even when markets are closed. This is possible thanks to One-touch options, the best solution for weekend trading. To trade one Touch options, all you have to do is predict whether the price of the asset will be above or below the strike price during the following week.

Special Features on Anyoption™

Anyoption live: this tool provide an access to a world of information from other traders on the platform, and Enables them to base their own investments on live data of the Anyoption trading community and to share successful investments with other traders on the platform.

Dynamic return: Anyoption gives the power to the trader, with the option to determine his own return/refund and to trade on their own terms. Up to 25% refund and up to 80% return.

Profit line: A visual trading tool, allowing you to view in real time and in beautiful graphics the profits on your investments and the asset’s live market fluctuations.

Roll forward: roll forward is another way for you to control your risk. If you are out of the money before the expiry date, you have the option to postpone the expiry time to the nearest expiry date available, under certain circumstances and in exchange for a small premium. All other option terms will remain the same: the cost of the option, the type (put or call), and the return rate.

Take profit: if you are in the money before the expiry date of the option, you can immediately take your profits on that option, under certain circumstances and in exchange for a small premium. Your guaranteed return rate stays the same, regardless of the actual price at the expiry date.

Mobile trading: With Anyoption™ you can trade on the go, anywhere, at any time. Simply log in to your account through our free mobile application.
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About Banc De Binary

Banc De Binary was founded in 2009 and offers an unbeatable trading experience, earning the company its reputation for delivering the very best binary options package on the market. With over 250,000 clients from over 80 countries across the globe, Banc De Binary continues to grow from strength to strength, confirming its prime spot in the binary options industry.

Trading Assets

Banc De Binary offers investors a comprehensive range of assets to trade including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. With a growing portfolio of close to 200 tradable assets, there is something to cater for every trader’s requirements including an exciting new range of football shares. If there’s something Banc De Binary doesn’t offer, traders are very welcome to request it.

Trading Platforms

There are several different binary options trading platforms for both novice and more experienced traders including Binary Options, Long Term, One-Touch, Pairs and 60 Seconds platforms. Whether traders are looking to achieve fast profits or track longer trends, every need is catered for. Banc De Binary also gives traders the opportunity to trade ‘on the go’ via its free iPhone and Android apps offering them an exciting mobile trading experience.

Opening an Account

After a trader opens an account, making a deposit is easy and deposits instantly appear in a trader’s account. Deposit methods accepted by Banc De Binary include Moneybookers, AlertPay, credit card and bank wire transfer. Making a deposit is entirely free, as are withdrawals.

First time traders are eligible for a 100% bonus and there is also an attractive range of incentives available to reward traders for trading with Banc De Binary, placing traders on the fast-track towards achieving their financial goals.


Banc De Binary believes education to be of utmost importance and has made a range of educational tools available to its traders. These include a series of videos, an on-line educational tutorial, blogs, webinars and a comprehensive e-book together with up-to-date technical analysis and FREE trading signals from leading industry experts. Banc De Binary account managers are also on hand to share their binary options knowledge and assist traders in exploiting their full profit potential.

Regulation & Awards

Banc De Binary is credited for being the first broker to have become authorized by CySEC, closely adhering to its defined set of rules and regulations. Banc De Binary has therefore acquired extensive knowledge of the financial markets, ensuring that traders can invest in binary options with confidence.

Banc De Binary’s exceptional trading package together with its outstanding customer service has secured it an increasing list of awards including the IAIR Award for "Excellence in Binary Options Trading" twice in a row. Traders can feel fully at ease in the knowledge that they are not only trading with the leading broker in the industry, but one which stands alone in having made binary options trading profitable, transparent and accessible to the 21st century trader.

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Is Grand Option a scam?

No, Grand Option is a renowned and respectable binary options broker. It offers financial portfolio building to private and institutional investors worldwide. As a certified trusted broker Grand Option trades under a full EU regulation status by CySec assuring traders of trustworthiness and investors protection.

Grand Option welcomes investors to an amazing trading experience that offers personal account management, a leading financial academy, the latest technology and a constant flow of lucrative trading opportunities.

Traders can start their financial journey easily and efficiently making use of the outstanding advantages that Grand Option offers; competitive pay outs, round the clock trading support and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Grand Option strongly stand for Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulation, working to promote the safest trading terms for investors worldwide.

General Information:

Founded in: 2013

Headquarters: Cyprus, Greece

Minimum Deposit: $250

Minimum Trade Amount: $25

Maximum per Option: $20 000

Demo Account: Leading demo account feature

Languages available: English, Turkish, Italian, Russian, French

What are the features offered by Grand Option?

Trading Platform

Grand Option always keeps the traders in the leading positions of the binary options world by providing them with the finest technology and best trading opportunities.

In 2014 Grand Option gave start to a new and exciting personalized trading experience. Allowing traders to customize their trades on the fastest trading system in the industry while enjoying a new way of trading controlled by them!

The upgraded trading experience includes exciting new features:

• Easy to master- easily navigate through the upgraded professional trading system

• Smarter future predictions with the trade history feature that automatically renders your top trades and goes back in time up 500 past trades

• Simultaneous Multiple trade management on the same graph

• Stop Loss/ Take Profit limits an investor’s loss and protects profits- Positions are automatically closed when trade drops or surpasses a certain value

• A Personalized time frame with the exclusive 30 Seconds to 5 minutes short term trading options

• Personalized trading with customizable trading graph

Trading Competitions

Grand Option presents traders with the opportunity to experience dual returns for their investments with the monthly trading competitions. Traders compete against each other for the statistically highest trade and receive large cash prizes for the first three places.

Bonus and Revenue

Grand Option offers newcomers a 100% welcome bonus, instantly doubling the initial investment to maximize potential success.

Traders are treated to a constant flow of trading opportunities focusing on making the trading experience as best as possible, along with bonus offers and competitive revenue return per trade.

Traders can earn high revenue of 167% return per trade within exclusive short term trading options. Traders can upgrading to Grand Option Superior Account and boost their revenue return rate, receiving extra 2% revenue per trade.

It should be noted that bonuses and revenue returns are subject to terms and conditions.


All withdrawals follow a simple 7 business day process after the required documentations have been received. Standard account holders receive first withdrawal free and thereafter are subject to withdrawal fee, Superior account members have one free withdrawal per month and VIP account members are not charged for withdrawals.

There is no withdrawal limit as long as the request doesn’t exceed the total balance in traders’ account. All with withdrawals are subject to terms and conditions and require correct authorization.

What can I learn from Grand Option?

Part of the personal trading experience that Grand Option offers is the renowned financial education, located in the interactive Grand Option Academy. Striving to achieve well educated and successful traders, the Academy holds all the financial markets information needed enter the lucrative world of binary options trading.

The Grand Option Academy is fully equipped with an array of educational Medias to choose from, traders have the luxury to choose how they visually advance their trading knowledge:

 How to Trade - Full step by step explanation on the how to of trading

 Asset Index - A recognition table of all the assets offered, what they are and their abbreviations

 Trading Strategies - A finely selected selection of strategies that are used by top traders, explained and mapped out

 Leading Market Indicators - Compiled a list of key economic indicators to assist the building of personal trading strategies

 VOD - Skill enhancing video sessions taking traders from introduction to binary options to advanced technical analysis

 Interactive eBook - Traders can master the world of trading with the downloadable eBook

Grand Option gives traders another avenue practice their skills to perfection and implement education gained from the Academy before live trading with the demo account feature. This is where investors can gain a personal feel for the markets and develop a trading prediction pattern that they can use once confident to trade live.

Is the Grand Option customer support any good?

Grand Option relates to their traders’ needs and requirements when it comes to investing their time and money. An enthusiastic customer support department has been carefully compiled with industry experts and professionals guiding each trader through their personal experience, proficiently. Every trader receives an allocated personal account manager who speaks their chosen languages and is on standby via live chat or email, 24/7.

Why should I use Grand Option?

Beginning a grand new experience is the key to opening the door the most profitable financial markets. Whether traders are professional portfolio holders or new to the markets, Grand Option has the simple yet most effective online platform to expanding profit ability. Supplying an exceptional and unique trading experience, traders are given a stream of personalized trading opportunities, 24/7 trading support, a lush list of global assets, highest industry revenue return all on the fastest trading platform available.

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Is the CherryTrade platform credible?

Yes, CherryTrade is already gaining a name in the binary options industry as being a reputable and secure platform, offering outstanding customer service, and a top of the line educational center. CherryTrade’s platform is extremely user-friendly offering in-depth information on all of their current assets. CherryTrade offers six amazing options for clients to trade including; the classic call/put binary options, pairs, long term. 60 seconds, one touch, and the innovative ladder options with an industry leading up to a 1500% profit in as little as 30 minutes.

Does CherryTrade feature an academy section?

CherryTrade’s educational center goes above and beyond for their clients using proven strategies with technical and fundamental analysis to turn even the most novice of trader into a professional one. The educational center offers online tutorials, beginner and advanced training videos, an in-depth training e-book and the best aspect of all one-on-one training sessions with professional financial experts.

Does CherryTrade offer a 100% welcome bonus?

Yes, CherryTrade understands that not all clients are the same and because of this offers a variety of account packages to cater to the needs of their many traders. The account types are determined by the client’s initial deposit. The main differences between the account types that include; classic, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond is the level and also the amount of support provided. For beginner traders the most preferred account type is the silver that has a minimum deposit of $1,000, because it provides access to CherryTrade’s incredible educational center. CherryTrade offers up to a 100% welcome bonus on client’s initial deposit. It should be noted that there are terms and conditions for receiving a bonus. Withdrawing with CherryTrade is very simple and usually takes 5-7 business days once the required documentations have been approved.

Is the CherryTrade customer service good?

CherryTrade has an outstanding customer service department that offers a variety of different ways of contact including telephone, email, and live chat. This department has been carefully complied with industry specialists and professionals guiding each trader thoroughly and accurately.

Should I trade with CherryTrade?

Yes, whether you are a professional year with years of experience or a complete novice CherryTrade has the simple and effective platform to expand a trader’s profit capability, while providing an astonishing, exceptional and unique trading experience.

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LBinary was launched in 2013 and has jumped to the top of the market as one of the most user friendly and self- explanatory trading platforms. LBinary offers Binary Options Traders more than 200 underlying assets spanning across the currency market, commodities, and stocks.

LBinary has introduced a new feature which automatically does Bollinger bands, RSI and moving average. This feature has quickly become one of the traders most useful and helpful tools.

The technology used by Lbinary ensures that trades are done in a fast manner, to ensure that the security of the trade is locked in at the strike price.

The average return on investment, ROI of trades that land “In-The-Money”, is 78% on LBinary and reaches as high as 92%.

Special features:

• “One Touch” options during weekends
• Website offered in 6 languages EN, AR, DE, FR, ES, RU
• More than 200 assets (stocks, indices, commodities currencies, pairs)

• Various bonuses offered – 100% Sign up
• Special custom account types – depends on investment amounts
• Personal account management – live coaching sessions
• 60 Seconds Options
• “Rollover” feature on losing trades
• “Double-Up” feature on winning trades
• “Buy-Me-Out” option
• 24 hour live support
• Signals and Market Reviews (for all accounts)

LBinary details

Binary option traders can log in and trade from any device straight on the trading platform. It is not an app that needs to be downloaded. After you’ve logged in, you are free to trade within your account, making it critical to create a safe password. The ability to log in from any device saves time and effort, which is what makes binary options the best investing strategy.

The trading platform was designed to appeal to our traders as we wanted to provide them with important information and allow for optional trading platform usage. The experience of traders whether from a desktop, mobile device or tablet is what is most important. There are multiple views of the platform which allow for traders to see how one asset’s pay-out differs from another`s.

Registration at LBinary is simple and can be done over the phone or by yourself online. There are customer support and brokers available around the clock as the office is multinational and speaks 6 languages.

LBinary brokers have depth and knowledge pertaining to binary option markets and ways in which to assist their traders succeed. Register today with LBinary and speak with a broker to see how you can begin trading binary options yourself.

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