There is a large amount of certified and proved strategies for binary options trading, which can be utilized by almost any trader who is familiar with the basics. The strategies we`ve described here all rely on the core principles of binary trading, with each one being commonly used by professional traders. It is definitely worthwhile to test out and evaluate strategies, but it won`t be necessary with the ones listed below.

EMA Trend Strategy
Each investor will at some point trade utilizing a trend, regardless if they were planning to do so in the beginning. The given strategy minimizes the amount of risk as it doesn`t require any trend forecasts to be made prior to using it. You just have to look for the trend to begin and then utilize exponential moving averages in order to discover lucrative entry points. When the trend is positive, be on the lookout for the price to touch the EMA`s and then buy the positions. If the price starts dropping during a positive trend, you can use exponential moving averages to determine the level at which the instrument will return to its previous trend.

Support and Resistance Level Strategy
This strategy is adored by not so experienced traders, as it very straightforward and easy to use. The purpose of this approach is to help with determining the current and future price positioning. After this is done, buy “call” positions if the price of the asset goes near the support levels. Buy “put” positions if the price goes near the resistance levels. There is a myriad ways for trading to be found around these levels. The most used one is to see precisely what the levels were before and then forecast the future price movement as determined by the possibility that the price goes back to these levels.


Fibonacci Pattern Strategy
The Fibonacci levels can be utilized to spot the most lucrative market entry positions. At some levels you might notice inconsistent price movement and should avoid entrance during such periods. In other instances, steady patterns will develop and will present you with very good entry points. Price fluctuations should also be paid attention to, as they could signal levels of support or resistance. Fluctuations might also reveal overbuying or selling in the market. To be able to use this trading strategy you should connect the two key Fibonacci levels and then invest accordingly when the instrument price reaches them.

When using this approach you have to keep an eye for EMA crossovers and start trading immediately when a new trend arises. Two different EMA`s will be used, 13 and 26 period. These need to be used together with periods of 5 and 15 minutes. If you`re using the Meta Trader 4 chart, utilize the Heiken Ashi indicator to minimize unnecessary market noise and decrease the chances of catching deceiving signals. When a crossover happens and the Heiken Ashi is red, choose a “put” position option. When a crossover happens and the bar is white, choose a “call” position option. Other opportunities might show up along with crossovers in the future.

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